EA Sports Cricket 2018 For PC Free Download

Do you want EA Sports cricket 2018 free download.

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EA sports Cricket 2018 Game is created to comply with the users meet. We are providing new cricket games for PC and Android for free and you don't need to pay for that. 

But I want to let you know that this a patched cricket game. So, it will brings new stuff like players, tournaments, etc.

You are at right place. Here you can also get the the latest version of ea sports cricket 2019 pc game free download.

EA Sports CRICKET 2018 Game Description:

This version of EA Sports cricket contains latest graphics. 

EA Sports Cricket 2018 have many new features like new kits, overlay, players, tournaments, menus, fonts, scenarios, etc.

Below We have listed those features in depth so, you can read all those new features in this new game.


It contains latest stadiums for cricket 18.

It has 12 indian, 3 Pakistanis, 3 UAE, 3 Australian, 3 England, 2 South African, 2 New Zealand, 2 Bangladesh & 1 Stadium of Sri Lanka, West Indies, Ireland, USA & Zimbabwe stadiums.

A total of 18 stadiums. Which will double your joy and fun.

International Teams

You will be excited to hear that ea sports cricket 2018 patch has new A List teams like Pakistan, India & Australia),Associate Teams, IPL, BBL,BPL, PSL, CPL,(Afridi & Misbah XI, Kohli & Dhoni XI).

The IPL, BBL, BPL all will double your joy.

EA Sports Cricket 2018 Gameplay

It's gameplay is just new. You will find it better then the previous versions. It's hard and challenging gameplay will never let you bored.

I can say the CPU will now bat more aggressively. They will now play more aggressive cricket. You will see more seaming pitches, seaming, swinging deliveries, etc.

How To Install EA Sports Cricket 2018

To download install this cricket 2018 pc game you need to follow the steps which we have written below.

Note: To play this game you must have cricket 07 installed in your pc.

Step 1: Download this game from the given download links.

Step 2: Extract the setup files from the archive using WinRAR or 7Zip.

Step 3: Copy the files from the installation folder.

Step 4: Create a new folder like "EA Sports Cricket 2018".

Step 5: Create new two subfolders inside that folder and name them as Version 1 and Version 2.

Step 6: Copy files from"MS Dhoni Cricket 18 INTERNATIONAL CRICKET" to version 1 folder and copy "MS Dhoni Cricket 18 Tours and Series Package" files to version 2 folder.

That's it! You have done all the steps in order to install this EA Sports Cricket 2018 game. Enjoy!

VIVO IPL Cricket Games 2018 Free Download

IPL is one of the best tournament in the World which held every year in India. In this post you can download VIVO IPL Cricket games 2018 for free.

You don’t need to pay a penny for these ipl cricket games.

These IPL Cricket Games are available for multiple platforms like Android, PC, etc.

We will provide you two PC versions of this game. One is online and other is offline. The offline version of this 2018 ipl cricket games is whole different from its online version like EA Sports Cricket 2018.

Below you can read all about its online and offline version.

Online Game

This is the online version of vivo ipl 2018 cricket game. You can play this game by using your keyboard.

You can use arrows to choose direction in which you want to play shots. If you want to hit a lofted shot then press Z. But if you want to play shot down the ground press X. Press space bar for running.

Have you enjoyed this game. Please give your feedback in the comments.

PC Version

The PC version of this VIVO IPL cricket game 2019 is a patched game on EA Sports Cricket 2007.

But this game will be different from the EA Sports Cricket 2007.

In fact you will find whole new features in this latest VIVO IPL 2018 Game. You can download this game for free.

Below we have listed all the new features of this cricket game. Take time to read all these features.

  • New Gameplay for Batting, Bowling and Fielding.
  • Free Hit rule will be applicable for front foot no ball.
  • New HD Outfields, stadiums, etc.
  • Players will have their original names.
  • Original faces, stadiums, etc.

Android Version

The Android version of this VIVO IPL Cricket Game is has been released. You can download it from here.