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Getting Bored? Don’t worry. Play immense and highly addicted cricket games online.

Play online Cricket games at cricket These games are based on Html 5. Epic Games for truly passionate cricket fans.  These games can be played on mobile.

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cricekt games online is online cricket gaming site compaitable for both Mobile and Pc. It means you can enjoy playing online cricket games on your mobile and PC for free. Our website also offers various blog posts, so enjoy reading.

Cricket is a game played with eleven player between two teams. It is played with bat and bowl. Cricket is very popular in South Asian, Australia and England. 

Click on the game listed above and you will be redirected to a page where you can play and share the game.  Your browser need to have htm5, so Chrome, firefox are recommended.

Yes, all these games are free.

  • You can play cricket games online without installing any apps or software.
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